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21 Day Program

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Embark on a transformative journey, discover & activate your superpowers for you reach your professional/personal goals.

Duration:  Stage 1 > My Discovery  (1st week)

                Stage 2 > My Dive in (2nd week)

                Stage 3 > My Change (3rd week)

Number of pax per workshop: 10

Location: Dubai (Covid rules will apply)

Languages: English, French

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"The program is rich with valuable information, tools and methods to not only understand yourself but concur it. It takes you to the deepest point of your being to understand how you operate, when did it start and why you are here now. It is intense but given in the simplest form possible for such a crucial topic. Enter at your own risk & internal power and enjoy the fruits of it throughout your life!!"

Maryam A.K.

Dubai (UAE)

"The 21 program is inspirational and a great way to delve deeper into the areas in which we want to grow and develop further.  It is an essential tool for anyone looking to achieve their true potential."

Sadia A.

Dubai (UAE)

"Wafa helped me to clear my limiting belief that I didn’t know I had. It transformed me. Working with Wafa taught me so much about myself, my environment, my colleagues, friends and family. I learned how to see good and find positivity in every situation in life. No matter what happens, I need to focus on finding the good to improve myself, and just take all the bad and throw it."


Dubai (UAE)

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