The Ultimate Co-Creation Solutions

Therapeutic Coaching

Start seeing life from a different perspective and experience the transformation...


Our Therapeutic Coaching will support you with the following:

  • Discover your life purposes & start living a new reality

  • Overcome your stress, fears, phobias, traumas & promote tranquility.

  • Discover your superpowers as a human being & start realigning with your true identity

  • Wash away your limiting beliefs & invite with confidence your infinite possibilities

  • Gain more clarity on your life vision & invite more optimism 

  • Release your unprocessed negative emotions (anger, sadness, fears/phobias, traumas hurt, guilt…) & invite more peace, love & colors

  • Discover your values and needs in all contexts of your life (career, relationships, family, health, spirituality...)

  • Build a strong relationship with your self & use your inner wisdom for guidance

  • Resolve your inner conflicts and take lifetime decisions with more congruency

  • Boost your confidence & turn your challenges into opportunities

  • Create new behavorial strategies to act resourceful at all times

  • Release your physical and chronic pain

  • Unleash your creativity & celebrate your own voice & colors

  • Create and install your goals for optimum results & start living the life of your dreams

  • Learn how to celebrate your emotions & master them for a more balanced existence

  • Enhance your communications skills & create impact & influence

  • Create resourceful rituals/habits for your a healthy body & mind

  • Forgive yourself and others to nurture healthy connections & relationships

  • Reorganise, declutter, rearrange & bring in clarity into your life

  • Boost your career & increase your performance

  • And much more


Start planting seeds and see flourish your ideas into a real business...

Business Mentoring 

Our Creative Business Mentoring will support you with the following:

  • Get 100% clarity on your business idea (concept, values, needs...)

  • Establishment of a full market study to start your business with confidence 

  • Build the adequate mindset to be resourceful at all times 

  • Creation of your clients/partners portfolio

  • Creation of your products & services packages

  • Finding the best partners that will take your business to the next level

  • Determine the best legal set up for your professional activity

  • Set up of your online & offline marketing tools to increase your visibility and performance (Websites, Social Media Accounts, brochures...)

  • Creation of content for your online and offline platforms/materials

  • Boost your confidence & turn your challenges into opportunities

  • Guidance and support on curating/running your own professional events (soft product launch, workshops...)

  • Enhance your communications skills & create impact & influence

  • And much more...

Visual Artist Mentorship


Visual Artist Mentoring

Let your voice be heard and your colors be seen. Bring your artistic gifts  out to the world...


Our Visual Artist Mentoring will support you with the following:

  • Launching your art career

  • Finding & celebrating your unique & authentic voice 

  • Discovering your creative niche

  • Getting rid of your creative blocks & finding your inspiration

  • Guidance on how to curate your art exhibitions 

  • Unleashing your creativity & celebrate your own voice & colors

  • Learning how to connect with your inner self & express it through different mediums

  • Guidance on creating content & structure for your workshops

  • Boost your confidence & turn your challenges into opportunities

  • Overcome your fear of rejection

  • Learn how to sell your art

  • And much more...


Therapeutic Art

And when you start expressing your self, you start celebrating your shadows and your lights...


Our Therapeutic Art sessions will support you with the following:

  • Invitation of relaxation & mindfulness into your life

  • Discovering your self & connecting with your inner child's wisdom

  • Enhancement of your communication skills

  • Reduction of your stress & anxiety 

  • Improvement of your focus & concentration

  • Boosting your confidence & turn your challenges into opportunities

  • Release of your unprocessed negative emotions

  • Invitation to more peace, love & colors

  • Awakening of your senses to invite a more fulfilled living

  • Unleashing your creativity & celebrate your own voice & colors

  • And much more...