Let's Co-Create Together.

Be Enlightened.

Trans-Form Your Life.

Beautiful and Powerful Creature, YES YOU.

YOU chose to be visiting this page today.

Because Choices. Because Decisions. Because Experiences. Because Meanings. Because Reality.


with Wafa

WHAT IF together WE could…

Discover your life purposes & start living a new reality
Overcome your stress, fears, phobias, traumas & promote tranquility.
Unleash your creativity & celebrate your own voice & colors
Create your short, medium & long term goals for optimum results
Wash away your limiting beliefs & invite instead infinite possibilities
Create and nurture fulfilling relationships
Release negative emotions like anger, sadness etc. for more peace, love & colors
Resolve your internal conflicts & start making decisions with congruence
Create new behavorial strategies to act resourceful at all times
Reorganise, declutter, rearrange & bring in clarity into your life
Boost your career & increase your performance
Forgive yourself & others and nurture positive states of mind
Enhance your communications skills & create impact & influence
Boost your confidence & turn your challenges into opportunities
Create resourceful rituals/habits for your a healthy body & mind
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    IMPORTANT: My coaching and guidance are right for you only:


  • If you are willing and ready for change

  • If you are willing to invest time and energy 

  • If you are willing to learn and take action

   Children            -           Teenagers           -           Adults           -           Seniors


  1. Complimentary initial 30min session to discuss your presenting challenge and what you desire to achieve.

  2. Creation of a customised plan to set you up for success.

  3. Mutually agreement on schedules, frequency of sessions and medium of communications for optimum results.

  4.  Let the transformation begin because Your NEW life starts NOW!



Master Life Coaching
1H to 2H Sessions
 Master Life Coaching
Personal Breakthrough Experience
Visual  Artist Coaching
1H to 2H Sessions
1H  Sessions


Art Therapy
1H  Sessions

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