Let’s Make Your Invisible Visible


Private Sessions

We offer the Ultimate Co-Creation Solution through private & personal sessions to individuals & corporates


We design & customise the sessions according to your needs.

We can guide you through one coaching session and/or invite you to embark on an Absolute Personal Breakthrough Experience.

Languages: English, French

As you enter a 360 Personal Breakthrough Experience you decide to embark on a transformational journey customised to your needs.


This co-creation process is articulated into three main phases: 

  • Your Discovery

  • Your Deep Dive & Liberation

  • Your Transformation & Evolution


  • 8 (16 hours in total)

  • Sessions are conducted face to face or over online platforms


We accompany you to understand and work through your challenges so you reach your objectives & desired outcomes:

  • Master Life Guidance

  • Business Mentoring

  • Visual Artist Mentoring

  • Therapeutic Art



  • 2 hours session

  • Customised content/program are available 

  • Sessions are conducted face to face or over online platforms



                                                                                            CONNECT WITH WAFA                                                                                                                                                  Dubai , United Arab Emirates                                                                                                               







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