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Private Sessions

Psychologist Session

We offer the Ultimate Co-Creation Solution through private & personal sessions to individuals & corporates across the following areas:

  • Therapeutic & Creative Coaching

  • ​CreativBiz Mentoring

  • Visual Artist Mentoring

  • Therapeutic Art

We design & customise the sessions according to your needs.We can guide you through one coaching session and/or invite you toa full program.


Languages: English, French


I invite you to dive into a Breakthrough & Awakening Session.
This session will not only unveil the truth behind your challenges, get to the root cause but provide you the keys to free yourself and move forward with your life with greater understanding and confidence.

You are now only one session away to take your first turn to positive and lasting change. 

Session length: Up to 3Hours 
Face to face or over online platforms

Total Fee: ONLY AED 660 

PBE Essentials.png

As you enter a "Break-Through, Break-Free Essentials Program" you choose to embark on a journey of Self Discovery & Liberation.

This co-creation process will allow you to:

  • Break-through & awaken (Session above included)

  • Let go of your suppressed negative emotions & 

  • Free yourself from your limiting beliefs & inner conflict

  • Discover & Integrate your Values

  • Sharpen your Focus


  • 6  Sessions

  • Face to face or over online platforms

Total Fee: ONLY AED 3,366 

Create my best life.png

As you enter a "Co-Create My Best Life 360 Program" you choose to embark on a transformational journey made of: 


Self Discovery > Healing > Growth > Creation > Self Fulfilment


This co-creation process is organised three stages:

  • Discovery

  • Liberation

  • Evolution


  • 16 Sessions

  • Face to face or over online platforms


Total Fee: available upon request

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Therapeutic & Creative Coaching