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Meet Wafa 

Master Life, Wellbeing,

Creative Lifestyle Coach, 

NLP/TPT Practitioner

Art & Hypno Therapist

We all have a story don't we? We all have series of choices and decisions that led us to be where we are today, shaped our identity and created our own reality. Now why would my story be of interest to you? Is this really why you are here? Unless you are perhaps curious to know about to successfully overcome lifetime challenges and turned them into opportunities like i do.

Maybe you are keen to understand how to continuously clear,  manage & celebrate your emotions the highs & the lows for the great sake of growing, becoming and being the person that you always aspired to be in your true essence...

Meet Wafa
Co create With Wafa
Cappadocia Baloons

Start seeing life from a new angle and celebrate already your beautiful transformation

 Wellbeing, Therapeutic NLP & Creative Lifestyle Coaching

"Wafa  coached me to release my negative emotions and not only releasing but as well maintaining the positive state and make it my daily habit. Till today I am using her methods to manage my emotions in the right manner. Wafa is a skilled Master coach and on top of a genuine person with great abilities of understanding and guiding human beings to meet their future objectives."


Dubai (UAE)

"An enriching experience which allowed questioning without judgment. Wafa guided me in a reflection to  understand what prevented me from moving forward and how to do so in the  best conditions possible.  She supported me to see the positive side of each situation. I restored my well-being after sharing about my main concern, which ultimately  is not really a problem anymore today, and that feels good. Thank you."


Paris (France)

"We live in a fast paced environment, running day by day and often losing site of the things that matter most such as family and health. Spending time with Wafa and re-prioritizing priorities and shifting the mindset and focus has been a great eye-opener. Her energy and enthusiasm makes her passion for supporting and guiding people a real asset to our community.."

Saadia, London (UK)

Wafa is a very creative person. She has the ability to read you and translate exactly what you want and what you feel inside. I called Wafa to support me with the creation of my website as well as the creation of the content, my story, packages etc. She has been able to deliver on what she promised and that in a timely manner. I am continuously working and consulting with Wafa to develop new content. Wafa works from her heart and can make your vision for your business come true. I recommend Wafa.


Dubai (UAE)

I was impressed by Wafa's quick understanding of the problem.
She is a good listener, and precise in her questioning. Wafa accompanied me with kindness and humor to challenge me and lead me to question myself internally about my choices in order to go towards acceptance.
I strongly encourage you to contact her, she has the soul of a real coach


Geneva (Switzerland)

Success Stories

Let's Make Your Invisible Visible, Open Up to New Horizons & Infinite Possibilities!

Wafa El Hilali





Psychologist Session
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Sunrise on Nature

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