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Private Sessions

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We offer the Ultimate Co-Creation Solution through private & personal sessions to individuals & corporates.
​We design & customise the sessions according to your needs. 

We can guide you through one or multiple coaching sessions to adress particular challenges and/or invite you to one of our personal transformative programs

Languages: English, French

Choose the package that best fits your needs...

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I invite you to dive into a powerful and groundbreaking Breakthrough & Awakening Program.
This life changing program is one of the major initial steps of inviting empowering change into your life. It will unveil the truth on reality, minds, emotions & your creative powers behind your challenges & why you have remained stuck into the so called "Confort zone". It will also get to the root cause of main blockages providing you the keys to free yourself and move forward with your life with greater understanding & confidence by having clarity on your objectives & action plans.


  • 3 sessions

  • Face to face or online

  • Total fee upon request

The "Break-Through & Break-Free Essentials Program" leads you from Self Discovery, Liberation to Self Image reprogramming:

This co-creation process will allow you to:

  • Teachings about the  Minds, Reality & the Creative Lifestyle

  • Break-through & awakening (Session above included)

  • Let go of your suppressed negative emotions/traumas  

  • Inner Child Regression session 

  • Free yourself from your limiting beliefs & inner conflict

  • Discover & Integrate your life Values 

  • Install a new inner drive 


  • 8 sessions

  • Face to face or online

  • ​Total fee available upon request

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As you enter a "Co-Create My Best Life 360 Program" you choose to embark on a transformational journey endorsing fully the costume of the Creative. This is a journey inviting individuals to get out of their comfort zone & experience Self Discovery > Healing > Growth > Creation > Self Fulfilment


This co-creation process is organised three stages:

  • Self Discovery (incl. Break-Through & Awakening Program)

  • Deep Dive & Liberation (incl. BreakThrough/Free Program)

  • Transformation > Change > Evolution


  • 16 sessions

  • Face to face or online

  • ​Total fee available upon request


You are an Artist or hold the essence of a Creative. Then I invite you to dive into a Breakthrough & Awakening Session.
This life changing session is one of the major initial steps of stepping even more into the skin of the Artist that you are. It will bring up clarity on your hidden artistic gifts & the reasons behind why you have remained inexpressive & not revealed yourself yet. It will also get to the root cause of main inner blockages providing you the keys to free yourself & move forward with your artistic expression & career with greater understanding & confidence. 


  • 1 session

  • Face to face or online

Total Fee: available upon request

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As you enter the 4V Emerging Artist Program you commit to greatly focus on developing your Creative gifts as well as actualising & celebrating  your Artistry with the world. 


This co-creation process is organised  in four stages:

  • Vulnerability   

  • Vision          

  • Visibility     

  • Victory      



  • 18 Sessions in total

  • Face to face or online


Total Fee: available upon request

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