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"Wafa  coached me to release my negative emotions and not only releasing but as well maintaining the positive state and make it my daily habit. Till today I am using her methods to manage my emotions in the right manner. Wafa is a skilled Master coach and on top of a genuine person with great abilities of understanding and guiding human beings to meet their future objectives."

Anissa, Dubai (UAE)

"An enriching experience which allowed questioning without judgment. Wafa guided me in a reflection to  understand what prevented me from moving forward and how to do so in the  best conditions possible.  She supported me to see the positive side of each situation. I restored my well-being after sharing about my main concern, which ultimately  is not really a problem anymore today, and that feels good. Thank you."

Nacera, Paris (France)

"We live in a fast paced environment, running day by day and often losing site of the things that matter most such as family and health. Spending time with Wafa and re-prioritizing priorities and shifting the mindset and focus has been a great eye-opener. Her energy and enthusiasm makes her passion for supporting and guiding people a real asset to our community.."

Saadia, London (UK)


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