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We all have a story don't we? We all have series of choices and decisions that led us to be where we are today, shaped our identity and created our own reality. Now why would my story be of interest to you? Is this really why you are here? Unless you are perhaps curious to know about my lifetime challenges and hear from me on how I successfully overcame them....



Dubai, UAE

I’ve had the wonderful opportunity getting to work with Master Life Coach Wafa. I’ve had problems waking up in the morning, without hitting the snooze button. Half an hour with Wafa solved that problem for me, and I still haven’t hit snooze!


Dubai, UAE

Wafa  coached me to release my negative emotions and not only releasing but as well maintaining the positive state and make it my daily habit. Till today I am using her methods to manage my emotions in the right manner. Wafa is a skilled Master coach and on top of a genuine person with great abilities of understanding and guiding human beings to meet their future objectives.


Dubai, UAE

Wafa you are an amazing coach. You created a wonderful and safe environment during our session, which encouraged me to open up much more than I expected and led to a breakthrough. Thank you for being my coach.

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