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5 Minutes with Wafa El Hilali

Hello Art Lover,

I had the pleasure recently to be interviewed by The National, one of the English language leading newspaper in the Middle East.

The first art work I bought? Well I never had the chance to buy any artwork to this date. If I had to buy an artwork though it would have to be a piece I could take with me and travel with easily, like those picture frames we often put in our suitcases to remember our loved ones. I will be looking out for it. Just give me some time ...

The first art work I created as an artist is no longer. I am usually very critical about my work. I wasn’t particularly satisfied with it at the time and therefore got rid of it. I shouldn’t’ have I know! I remember that it represented a whirl of colours on a white background, an abstract piece. I wish I had kept it of course. I am today more careful when it comes to throwing away an artwork that I don’t connect with particularly. I just don’t do it. I choose to give more room for reinvention or even recycling. I have more ideas to turn my unwanted pieces into stories of a lifetime.

Check out my full interview by clicking here or on the image below.

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