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Meet with "Iceberg"

Iceberg. Definition: 1/ a large floating mass of ice detached from a glacier; 2/ an emotionally cold person; 3/ a 76 x 102cm work of art created in September 2015 with sweet acrylic painting, love and honesty.

Iceberg keeps holding this strong metaphor of how our minds are beautifully complex. Freud once said: “The mind is like an iceberg, it floats with one seventh of its bulk above the water”. So what do we do most of the time? Do we reveal to the surface a “so called reality” through our image, our behaviour or our personality? Do we leave underneath the skin the treasures of a lifetime? Do we choose to celebrate or hide our true self to the world? What if almost 90% of what you are was not tangible by the outside world? What if your family, closest friends and colleagues couldn’t read your real essence and what you are truly made of? There is so much that we can unleash. There is so much that we can uncover. Don’t you think? Here a sweet battle between the visible and the invisible.

This painting is an attempt to show the wealth of information and knowledge that both worlds can hold and share at the same time. Let’s witness the revelation of deep connections between the conscious and the subconscious mind.

I see blue. Blue is all around. Here an immersion into the wild that will lead you to your true self. A submersion. And dreams are blue and connect us to the source. And dreams are “you” they define your nature, they are here to guide, nurture and push you to succeed. Blue is all around, underwater, your natural resource keeping your body in harmony. Thousands of icebergs floating on this Earth and connecting with one another: the “Unconscious collective” once named by Carl Jung because we are all one and because what we are influences all manifestations of life; because what we are is a harmonized combination of the past, the present and the future.

Your mind: an iceberg. Your mind: a box of patterns and stories, a box of information that you are carrying all the way through, information that you are choosing to acknowledge, avoid, connect with or transform. Find the equilibrium of your in and out. Find your essence in water. Find your true self climbing the genealogical tree. Find your truth watching and listening to the invisible and finally discover the answer to your secret formula.

So Iceberg here you are floating away. You have left your territory. You have left your home and decided to explore new dimensions, new spheres. Iceberg you are out of this world. You are standing alone right in the middle of immensity and surrounded by beauty. I see through you. I see wonders. You are more than you think. You are more than enough. You stand still like a rock your feet touching the ground and your head calling for air.

"See-through ice. And so minds are blue. Revelation

Our being: half with the stars half in water

Cacophony and silence in deep connection

Eyes open we speak loud, graciously hide. Iceberg."

Words for deep contemplation...

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