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Are you an art aficionado, an abstract art lover, an interior designer, an art collector or an enterprise?

Wafa offers you the opportunity to invite a piece of Art into your life, a piece thought through & created just for you, the one piece that resonate with your body, mind, heart & soul, a piece that connects already the dots, as if it was always part of your story, part of your life; the missing piece that will populate your walls with colours, spirit, style, meaning & authenticity.

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The complimentary 30min "Art Consultation" is your chance to express freely the components of the desired abstract piece of art you would like to attract into your space and reality.

This consultation will allow us together to dive deeper and extract the Spirit, the Story & the Style that you wish see emanate from a bespoke artwork.

​Time to cocreate so we can birth your new creation

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Image by Masaaki Komori



Image by Greg Rosenke


"Where the spirit does not work with the hand, there is no art."

Leonardo de Vinci




"I welcome you to explore my abstraction and deep dive into series of artworks filled with lifetimes stories, reflections and interconnected memories."

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