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I am an award winning French-Moroccan artist born and raised in France in the Champagne Ardennes region. When starting scribbling on paper from a very young age all I could see were entangled black penciled lines taking unconventional forms, but with always the inner conviction that each sketch was hiding an enigma, a message, a story, a transcription of something mysterious, a translation of the unknown but yet so real.


During my late 20’s I moved to London and later on to Dubai where I built up a body of my own work. From naïve art I naturally shifted to abstract art representing for me one of the perfect, most faithful, timeless and unlimited way of expression. Through my art I attempt to make the invisible visible allowing the body & mind to speak loud on canvas and unveil mysteries of a lifetime.

I let the brush & the creative tools I posess be an extension of My & the Unconscious collective Minds. I channel & strive to capture as well as celebrate Time & memories of the past, the present and the future whilst sharing stories, lessons, emotions and my own observations of existence. 


Spontaneous movements take over & filled with lights and bright colours we witness perpetual emergence into space of the four elements: Earth, Water, Air and Fire transcending through my pieces. Water is more than an essential element in the production of my artworks. Water gives my work structure,  shapes, forms and its unique blueprint, story and history. 

Photographing trees as well as stones & strata of minerals has for many years also be my passion, whicht got me closer to creation as it transmits, transcends the Creator's power, message & beauty in all its magnificence.  I find comforting the idea that as we stare at a tree, at a rock, we are receiving a priceless inspiration, a connection & hidden formulas to bring peace, love & colors into one's existence.


As a creative spirit, as a seeker by heArt I graciously invite the minds to question themselves and travel to their known and unknown. My work tells unlimited stories with the intention that those resonate with hearts and souls and get them closer to the source that holds all the answers.


I often accompany my art with writing creating a new and universal language that speaks for those who are curious to see, listen and explore. Now come over and Meet With My Abstraction!


As an Artist I feel privileged that I have participated in various exhibitions in the Middle East and overseas. My artworks can now be found in private and corporate collections.

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As an Artist, Wafa explores the worlds of words, invisibility, colors, nature & evolution. She chooses to channel the elements of creation, minds, consciousness & time and make them visible through different spaces. Get ready to meet with Wafa's abstraction.





Welcome to my world. Sharing few words about what inspires me and there is always more to share, more to express. You will find the rest of the answers in my creations.

The process of creating is always rewarding to the point that it opens up for you the realm of your own self. I could have never been in a position of self-exploration if it wasn't for initially tapping into the words and colours that were playing in my mind over and over again. 


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World Art Dubai exhibiting my first NFTs in partnership with Nifty Souq.

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Dress the walls of your spaces & interiors with style, meaning & authenticity. We are proud to be making the invisible visible for your bodies, minds and souls to see, feel and experience a new reality.

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