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Psychologist Session

Wafa offers a  wide choice of 1 on 1 bespoke therapeutic coaching sessions &  programs within a creative and creating framework.

She helps change seekers solution specific problems, achieve desired goals & objectives, invite major
positive transformations in both the personal & professional sphere ensuring constant alignment with the 'Authenthic Self' freed from appearances.

Wafa's transformative programs have been meticulously put together to offer effective ways to rapidly bring about the changes that you desire thanks to efficient & proven methods, processes & techniques within an in depth step by step quality therapeutic coaching.

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Wafa's focused programs have been created to address and overcome specific  yet universal challenges to ease up, lighten, enlighten andenhance everyone's human experience.

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Our one-time sessions are dedicated to quickly transform states of sorrow and pain into states of serenity and calm. These sessions allow you to learn to tap into your inner resources and realize that emotional states are always ephemeral and can be overcome.


Abda Fayyaz, Dubai


"I first started as a trial session with Wafa and soon I realised that ‘impossible’ is certainly ‘possible’! Through the sessions, I not only learned to release the old traumas but learned how to overcome my deep fears!"
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Anissa, Casablanca


"Wafa  coached me to release my negative emotions and not only releasing but as well maintaining the positive state and make it my daily habit. Till today I am using her methods to manage my emotions in the right manner. Wafa is a skilled Master coach and on top of a genuine person with great abilities of understanding and guiding human beings to meet their future objectives."

Nassira, Troyes


"An enriching experience which allowed questioning without judgment. Wafa guided me in a reflection to  understand what prevented me from moving forward and how to do so in the  best conditions possible.  She supported me to see the positive side of each situation. I restored my well-being after sharing about my main concern, which ultimately  is not really a problem anymore today, and that feels good. Thank you."
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Book your 30min complimentary session with Wafa and start already leaning towards change as this 1 on 1 gift gives you the opportunity to open up about your challenges and get the chance to explore new possibilities for creating a new you already,

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