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Are you a change seeker looking to live a more meaningful, authentic

& happy existence ?

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Welcomess Coaching
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Explore & Access a multitude of cocreation solutions to adress & overcome your life challenges, unleash your creative spirit and tap into the full light & potential  of your body, mind heart & soul for absolute selfulfilment. It is time to start seeing life from a new angle and celebrate already your beautiful transformation.

Cactus on Yellow Wall

"Problems do not go away. They must be worked through or else they remain, forever a barrier to the growth and development of the spirit."

Scott Peck

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The Secrets of Human Experience

"I recommend 200%. I participated in a group workshop on personal development with Wafa in October 2020 in Dubai. Her training helped me a lot. I am reboosted to work on my projects. Wafa is full of positive energy, inspiring, resilient & her coaching is transformational. Great program. I recommend."


Abda Fayyaz

Therapeutic Coaching

The Break-through & Break-Free Program

"I first started as a trial session with Wafa and soon I realised that ‘impossible’ is certainly ‘possible’! Through the sessions, I not only learned to release the old traumas but learned how to overcome my deep fears!"


Anouk Khan

Master Meditation

The Forgiveness Process


"It was my first time to experience a guided meditation on forgiveness. And it was a mind opener. Wafa’s process is both thorough and gentle as she builds upon the emotional and physical themes that come together for us to forgive. I would urge anyone looking to channel inner peace to try this."


Tala Al Ansari

Therapeutic Coaching

The Break-through & Awakening Program

"I experienced the Break-through & Awakening Program. This was one of the best gifts I have received since it made me aware of personal values I used as filters in my life choices. Our choices shape our life so boost your self awareness through sessions with Wafa."


Chindu K.V.


The AYS 21 Day 

"Wafa helped me to clear my limiting belief that I didn’t know I had. It transformed me. Working with Wafa taught me so much about myself, my environment, my colleagues, friends and family. I learned how to see good and find positivity in every situation in life. No matter what happens, I need to focus on finding the good to improve myself, and just take all the bad and throw it."

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We all have a story don't we? We all have series of choices and decisions that led us to be where we are today, shaped our identity and created our own reality. Now why would my story be of interest to you? Is this really why you are here? Unless you are perhaps curious to know about to successfully overcome lifetime challenges and turned them into opportunities like i do.

Maybe you are keen to understand how to continuously clear, manage & celebrate your emotions the highs & the lows for the great sake of growing, becoming and being the person that you always aspired to be in your true essence...

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FREE Discovery Call
with Wafa El Hilali

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Book your free session with Wafa & start already leaning towards change as this 1 on 1 gift will allow you to shed lights on your challenges & ways on how you can create a new reality.

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