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Wafa offers insightful and transformative Masterclasses inviting those change seekers to learn the art of being master of their lives.


We provide knowledge, insights, new perspectives and experiences introducing them to new lifestyles, new ways of being and doing and guiding them towards a path of fulfillment and personal development that makes sense.

Ready to benefit from self-therapies tools and programs to shift your narrative for good, for the best ?

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"The Secrets of Human Experience" (SHE) In-Sights Out Sessions

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"The Secrets of Human Experience" is a serie of three Masterclasses, an enriching and fundamental training for beings like you willing to progress and expand as you learn about the real secrets of:

  • The cycles & laws of life

  • The body, minds, heart & soul

  • The principles of creating your reality

The Masterclasses includes lessons, insights, guided meditations, visualisation exercises, role playsself-exploration, 

conscious sharing and more.

Duration: 3H00 for each Masterclass (Total of 9Hours)

Location: Online or Onsite

*And be notified about the upcoming live masterclass


Pindy, Paris

I recommend 200%. I participated in a group workshop on personal development with Wafa in October 2020 in Dubai. Her training helped me a lot. I am reboosted to work on my projects. Wafa is full of positive energy, inspiring, resilient & her coaching is transformational. Great program. I recommend.

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Samira, Tours

Thank you for the beautiful training tou gave us. It allowed me to learn about our abilities that we tend to underestimate. You are passionate about what you do and you have been able to teach us with such ease and enthousiasm that i came out of it filled with willpower and determination. Thank you again Wafa.


Cécile, Grenoble

Thank you for the beautiful energy. Wafa has this desire to teach what she knows. A lot of dynamism as well. Super interesting.

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The power of inspired insights & knowledge is essential for one's expansion and even more
when combined with experience as both create a synergythat allows the creation of transformative imprints.

And from here new ways of expression, new emotions, new choices, new perspectives and new paths are made, those that once seemed impossible to embark on. Always get ready to learn & apply so your body can remember the secrets that the new mind already whispered with grace.

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Enter this 6 sessions program and experience for yourself how you can in no time solution your anxiety and fear of the unknown. The future does not have to equal the past. The future is yours to create free of pain and full of confidence.

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