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Wafa offers you her lifetime knowledge & experience so you can start connecting with your own abstraction and make your invisible visible, for you to see and the world to witness. 

Time to start ex-pressing what's inside out and unleash the artist that lives within you.

Time to create.

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The "Abstr'Action Paintingart class is a unique guided experience where you will learn to :

  • Connect with your self & your artistic essence

  • Unleash your abstraction

  • Embrace the symbolic of colours

  • Create heArtfully & intuitively

  • Create a meaningful abstract artwork

The workshop includes creative insights, a guided meditation, intuition connection,  self-expression, artistry & conscious sharing.

Capacity: 10 pax or 1 on 1

Duration: 3H30

Location: Online & Onsite

Image by Jess Bailey

"Where the spirit does not work with the hand, there is no art."

Leonardo de Vinci

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"Ask me to create a abstract piece customised just for you & that matches your colours & spirit...and you shall receive."

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