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Looking to add more colours, spirit,

meaning, style & authenticity to your existence ?

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Meet the Artist
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Wafa is a French-Moroccan artist born and raised in France in the Champagne Ardennes region. When starting scribbling on paper from a very young age all she could see were entangled black penciled lines taking unconventional forms, but with always the inner conviction that each sketch was hiding an enigma, a message, a story, a transcription of something mysterious, a translation of the unknown but yet so real.


During her  late 20’s she moved to London and later on to Dubai where she built up a body of her own work. From naïve art she naturally shifted to abstract art painting representing for her one of the perfect, most faithful, timeless and unlimited way of expression.

Through her art she attempts to make the invisible visible allowing the body and mind to speak loud on canvas and unveil mysteries of a lifetime. She lets the brush & the creative tools she has to be an extension of Her & the Unconscious collective Minds.


She channels & strives to capture as well as celebrates memories of the past, the present and the future whilst sharing stories, lessons, emotions and her own observations of existence.

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