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Wafa offers her lifetime knowledge & experience to educate and inspire individuals over series of topics related to Art, Creativity, Personal Development & so much more.

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Personal Development


Life Purpose & Mission

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Wafa El Hilali is a Therapeutic & Creative Lifestyle Coach, Certified Master Life Coach, Hypnotherapist, NLP/Time Paradigm Techniques Practitioner as well as a Creatives' Mentor and Visual Artist constantly looking to discover the realm of co-creation in all its shapes & and forms.

Wafa was raised between French & and Moroccan culture and at the time of her calling, inspired to tap into both her feminine and masculine energies, Wafa felt natural to embrace both her passion for Art and Coaching to serve her purpose of making the invisible,
 the intangible powers of the Minds & Creative energies visible to souls for they enhance their human experience.

Inspired by ancient and contemporary wisdom, Wafa's mission as a Therapeutic & Creative Lifestyle Coach is to guide change seekers to self-explore, breakthrough, break free, and faitfhfully birth a new empowered version of themselves that is in total alignment with their 'Authentic Self'. As they learn to adopt the 'Creative Art of Living' they choose to become creators and like artists gain the superpowers to shape and turn their lives into Masterpieces.

And as you meet with Wafa’s artistry you will discover how she embodies abstraction and channels Minds, Consciousness, Elements of nature and Time onto her original paintings, AccesStories, Digital art and writing. She thrives to create art that resonates with the deepest spheres of the self, inviting bodies, minds, hearts & and souls to travel to their unknown & and get closer to source.

Before deep diving into her inner calling for even more contribution & and creativity Wafa has been supporting for nearly 15 years the expansion of multiple corporates including the British group "The Economist" and the "Dubai Opera" which significantly led to shaping the woman she is today.

Her motto: Peace, Love & Colours! 

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