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How Would You like to Learn to Let Go of Anger & Resentment Now?


Introducing "The Forgiveness Process

Free Yourself Today with This One Tool!

From the Comfort of your own Home, start creating Happy and Healthy Relationships with yourself and others with this special Master Coaching Meditation.


Are You Suffering from Feelings of Hurt, Anger...?

  • Are you not trusting anymore because of so many betrayals & disappointments ?

  • Are you struggling to find authenticity in your relationships?

  • Are you therefore feeling disconnected from the world sometimes?

  • Are you looking for support to help you out?

You Are Not Alone Believe Me ! I have been there before...

woman crying.png

And as life goes on we get shaped by those events and unconsciously so much anger & resentment accumulate and pile up onto our hearts like old cloths filled with dust. That's what happened to me. I have never forgotten and my self-esteel got hit hard.

Have you ever asked yourself what would it mean to keep those negative emotions flowing into your body and mind? Have you ever wondererd that by holding on to those events, by not letting go of the grudges against you or others, you could perhaps be harming yourself? Because the answer is absolutely yes.

You see the day i realised that it wasn't about what the events, about what happened but mostly about the meaning i gave to them and the emotional charge attached, a charge that i got to carry with me like a garbage bag day in and day out, that day things start changing for me.

I discovered that releasing the suppressed negative emotions, forgiving myself & others would allow me to set free. It would allow me to build back my self-esteem, move on and reconnect to a new empowering reality, the one i deserved.

As I embarked on a journey of self discovery, as i received teachings from Masters before me, as i learnt to let go and take control of my life and as i continued guiding people towards their transformation, i felt the urge to create a unique Master Meditation. I wanted to make this special tool available for individuals to free themselves from burdens so they can start installing happiness in their hearts.

I am now here and happy to be able to share this wisdom with you, share the power of "The Forgiveness Process", this beautiful meditation i got to create combining multiple techniques & formulations.

There were times in my life when i felt that i didn't belong, when i felt singled out and when i felt that i wasn't enough.

You see when i was as little as 5 years old I will always remember that day when one of my classmate at the time shamed me in the playground by choosing to pull my trousers off in front of everybody. I felt ridiculed and so lonely that day. I cried my eyes out and eventually as days, weeks and months passed i forgot about it, well that's what i thought.

I also remember when at age 15 i got bullied from not wearing the right type of shoes or clothes or for performing too well at my exams. Needless to say that i didn't feel happy in my own skin, feeling misjudged. "This is not fair", i kept telling myself. What have i done to deserve this?

At 29 when a close friend of mine did me wrong, betrayed me i ended up isolating and continued to question myself even more about my selfworth.

You see we often have a tendency to live our lives like nothing happened when in fact negative experiences seem to repeat themselves over time. We are convinced we didn't get affected or we think we moved on but in reality we remain hurt.We start to believe what others are telling us. We make it our status quo. It defines us.


  • Forgive yourself & others...a parent, a friend, a partner, a colleague, even a pet...

  • Free yourself from unecessary burdens, let go of anger & resentment even more..

  • Invite even more peace, love & colors into your day to day life...

  • Create new resourceful connections with people you love...

  • Make new empowered choices to start living fulfilling experiences...

  • Clear your negative thoughts enlighten your heart even more...

  • ​Let go of the past & let God

let go.png
Thanks to this Special Guided Meditation you will learn to...

Features of a Special & Unique Master Coaching Meditation

Step  by step guidance.png
4 powers in 1 meditation.png

Free Your Heart & Get Clarity 

Learn to Forgive your Self

Learn to Forgive Others 

Clear Negative Thoughts

As you embark on this meditation, I will take you by the hand so you can to the sound of my voice simply follow the steps to your liberation, feeling lighter & freer even more..

The beauty behind this meditation is that it combines series of Ancient as well as Contemporary techniques allowing the heart to set free even more as you put your mind into it...

4 powers in 1 meditation.png

What Others Have to Say...

Hasna Douafi

Head of Admin EU Malaysia


J.D Thomas

Founder Proactive Breathwork

Nella Figueroa,

3D Designer, The Museum of Future @nella.figueroa

And More...

Green Typewriter

Mounia G.
Interior Designer (UAE)

Amazing guided meditation to help calm and soothe the mind. An inner journey towards forgiveness guided step by step.
Feeling completely lifted.
Highly recommended!


Hasna Douafi
Hasna Douafi, Head of Admin EU Malaysia

Thanks a million for this incredible experience. It was my first time and I wasn't really familiar with all meditation principles, but to my surprise, I felt immediately connected, transported and guided throughout the forgiveness journey. I feel much lighter, my thoughts are also clearer. I highly recommend the forgiveness process by Wafa.


Caroline Atlas
@les_editions_bien_etre & Kundalini Yoga TV

Self acceptance and Selflove!


Anouk Khan,
COO Real Estate Women (Spain)

It was my first time to experience a guided meditation on forgiveness. And it was a mind opener. Wafa’s process is both thorough and gentle as she builds upon the emotional and physical themes that come together for us to forgive. I would urge anyone looking to channel inner peace to try this.

Get Comfortable as You Embark on this New Beautiful Journey and...


Get Ready to Be Taken By The Hand to Allow Your Self to Selfcare & Power...

healty relationships 2.png

...Let Go, Free Yourself & Welcome even more Peace & Love into Your Life!

Here's Exactly What You are About to Get Your Hands on!
  • 45+ Min Guided Meditation

  • Insight Audio about Forgiveness

  • MP3 & MP4 Downloads

  • Language: English

  • Lifetime Tool

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Get "The Forgiveness Process"

FP Box
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VALUE: $97


What is Forgiveness ? Worldwide Interview! 

Open Your Mind, Get Curious & Take Action to Start Shifting Your State Now... 

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A Sneak Peek at "The Forgiveness Meditation
  • One word after the other, one sentence forming and you hear the sound of a voice that you have never heard before or perhaps the voice seems familiar.

  • And you decide to embark on this journey, you surrender to the wise & enchanting commands. And as you go inward you find that glimpse of light that awaits to be unleashed and celebrated.

  • Because you know what the heart wants, you allow your self to hear his calling for you start feeling freer and even more whole...that's right...

phone petals.png

Imagine a Life with even more
Peace & Love?

The Forgiveness Process is the perfect selfcare meditation to help you install more love and tranquility into your being.

As you let go you will start vibrating at higher frequencies. You will attract even more love, compassion & tranquility into your day to day life.

Isn't it what we all want? Start enjoying this super gift now!

Meet Your Co-Creator

Wafa El Hilali is a Certified Master Coach NLP/Time Paradigm Techniques/Breathwork Practitioner & Art Therapist inspired, by Ancient & Contemporary Wisdom

As a result of Wafa's Therapeutic & Creative Coaching, her clients experience major breakthroughs. They find, free & transform themselves & make their invisible visible for they create their best life in every context.

Let's co-create. Be enlightened. Transform your life...

...Start today by allowing yourself to Forgive yourself & others!

money back guarantee.png

The Forgiveness Process Guarantee

I know you are going to absolutely fall in love with this powerful process. When thoroughly following the steps of this meditation, when doing it with full intention & with love it will allow you to let go and forgive easily.

Listen & apply as many times as you wish. This is your tool for life.

Happy Forgiving! Happy Liberation!

wafa signature.png
  • Is it really possible to forgive with this meditation?
    The "Forgiveness Process" is a powerful meditation that when done with full intention, focus and when following thoroughly the guidance will allow you not only to forgive but even more. Try it for yourself! You will be amazed by your inner power when you put your mind into it.
  • What if I stop the meditation in the middle?
    It is essential that you dedicate the time for this meditation with the intention to start and finish it so you can complete all the steps. Make sure you do it at the most opportune timing and in the most convenient space.
  • Can I do the meditation seated ?
    I would recommend that you do it either seated with your spined erected. or laying down on your back on your yoga mat or any comfortable place. No crossing of arms or legs to let your energy flow.
  • How many times can I do the forgiveness process per week?
    You can do it as often as you want. This is your tool for life. Each time is always different and even more enlightening for yourself. This is a cleansing tool on top of being a meditation for forgiveness so every now and then could be a great ritual to integrate to your day to day life. Otherwise as needed.
  • Why do you refer to the meditation as a coaching session?
    This meditation holds the power of multiple coaching sessions especially if you plan on integrating it to your daily life. The processes and guidance are powerful and what I am aiming at doing here is giving (at a very affordable price) the chance to people to experience breakthroughs using their own powers. A live session with me would cost you most probably mutliple time the price of this meditation that you can take with you and keep whenever you need it. Consider "The Forgiveness Process as your golden tool to free yourself and invite more love into your existence. A selfcare kit.
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