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Through private coaching and mentoring, we accompany you hand in hand to think, study, organize, install inexorable confidence in you and give birth together to your dream project.

Ready to overcome your fears and get started? The time has come for your ideas to take shape.

Creative Thoughts
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The 4V Creative Biz Coaching program is a comprehensive step by step method to support you in turning your dream idea into reality. The program is composed of 4 stages:

  • Stage 1: Vulnerability​​

  • Stage 2: Vision​​

  • Stage 3: Visibility​​

  • Stage 4 Victory​​

Throughout this journey we will together work at building the best foundations, study and use the most creative resources to  allow a successful organisation, birth and launch of your project.

18 sessions

Location: Online or Face to Face

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Zainab Qasem, Dubai


"Wafa is a very creative person. She has the ability to read you and translate exactly what you want and what you feel inside. I called Wafa to support me with the creation of my website as well as the creation of the content, my story, packages etc. She has been able to deliver on what she promised and that in a timely manner. I am continuously working and consulting with Wafa to develop new content. Wafa works from her heart and can make your vision for your business come true. I recommend Wafa."


The worth feeling is to see your ideas fade away with time as you lose courage and confidence in taking action. The fear of failure and the fear of anticipating success can often be so overwhelming that it leaves you stuck to your chair, incapable of moving forward or launching initiatives which keeps you away from fulfilling your end goals, your desires, your life. 

I certainly learnt throughout the years that taking the plunge no matter what was the first step towards achievement. No judgment involved.
Simply thinking, planning, doing & constantly reviewing.

When do you start ?

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Book this 10 sessions advanced breakthrough program and step into advanced self discovery, free yourself from pain, limiting beliefs & conflicts. Time to redesign your self image, invite a new creative consciousness.

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