We all have a story don't we? We all have series of choices and decisions that led us to be where we are today, shaped our identity and created our own reality. Now why would my story be of interest to you? Is this really why you are here? Unless you are perhaps curious to know about my lifetime challenges and hear from me on how I successfully overcame them and turned them into opportunities.  

Maybe you are keen to understand how I continuously managed to celebrate my emotions the good ones and the bad ones for the great sake of growing, becoming and being the person that I always aspired to be in my true essence.


Or else are you here because you want to hear about how I embraced shadows and lights urging them graciously to dance round and round like a heavenly spiral; or how I have followed my loyal intuition to welcome the wind and be like the rain, to ignite the fire and step up my game. Yes I discovered the sun and I uncovered the moon. I also understood the reasons and I build up the ruins. I always took action because I know I could.


One can you know. Can you? Can you decide which way you want to go, which life you want to see unfolding before your eyes? What about your career, your relationships? What about your health and personal growth or spirituality? Are you ready to experience major breakthroughs, progress and lasting change, write your own story and unveil the mystery. You decide.


As a Certified Master Life Coach, NLP/Time Paradigm Techniques/Breathwork Practitioner, Art Therapist as well as a Gestalt methods inspired ; as a Strategist with over 15 years of driving growth for businesses internationally in both slow and fast paced environments; as a Visual Artist with true purpose is to celebrate the beautiful complexity of life; I invite you to go on a transformative journey with me to find yourself, make your invisible visible and create your best life in every context. Now. Give yourself permission to be the Artist of your own existence.

My Story

                                                                                                  CONNECT WITH WAFA                                                                                                                                                                  Dubai , United Arab Emirates                                                                                                               







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