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This artwork celebrates the journey to the source…
“Through beautiful sand and endless rides
Feminine, masculine growing side to side
Entangled energies, to create another
Soul here is alive and breathing with power
Hearts spreading out fast, shapes & forms
Yes, Humanity is now born
And now is the time to remember through existence
A journey back to the source to the very substance
The substance that thinks and gave us our first breath
And our power to create & remember again
Who we were before life happened 
Now is the time to walk down the routes
Of truth to connect again back to the roots.”



  • Original artwork
  • 180 x 120cm
  • Year 2022
  • Mixed Media on canvas
  • Available with Certificate of Authenticity



Routes to roots

SKU: W33
  • Shipment

    This artwork will ship in a secure box (applicable for international delivery only)

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