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My first Solo Art exhibition, "Underwater" a collection of poems and paintings

Around my late 20's I moved to Dubai after having lived in England for five years. I have then started to put a little more thought about developing and focusing on my artistic skills. Art was always something I felt I had to explore because it had so many stories to tell for me and others.

Layers after layers, words after words my inspiration from life and its wonders were translating into my canvases and sheets of papers. Seven years after moving to Dubai, "Underwater" - a collection of poems and paintings - was born. What I found extraordinary is that all artworks clearly fell into that one title as it was meant to be, as if they were pieces of the same puzzle.

My “Underwater” exhibition is a wish to depict the underwater world and mainly explore the dimensions and profoundness that this title contains. Water is firstly a reference to the source, the creation. And if we refer it to The Noble Qur’an Surah, Al Anbiya, 21:30 – “We made from water every living thing”, we understand that “water” is the essence of all.

I have used as predominant colors the blues and the greens which relate primarily to the element of water, oxygen therefore life. Blues and greens are also a reference to strength, calmness, rebirth and abundance. Brighter colours such as yellow, magenta or gold generally describe the treasures, wealth and diversity of the underwater world and its symbolic.

Through this exhibition I want to make the audience travel and immerse themselves into the sphere of infinity. I wanted to illustrate the essence, the conception and formation of the living with references to mother nature and feminity.

“Underwater” demonstrates so many spheres including the unseen, the hidden, the subconscious mind and how through our dreams we access the profoundness of our self and see through with eyes of the heart.

I have made and attempt to illustrate what one mind (adult or child) could visualize and feel as being “Underwater”. I wanted to show hope, peace and serenity despite the sparkles of darkness of our minds, the mysteries of creation and of our respective destinies.

And now this is it! It is finally happening after weeks of preparation and excitement, I am inaugurating my first solo art exhibition which will take place at Gallery 76. I welcome you all to the opening reception which will be on the 29th of September 2015 at 6.30pm. Our guests of honour will be representatives of the Embassy of The Kingdom of Morocco to the UAE and representatives of the European Union Delegation to the UAE.

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