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The 1st Cultural Visa in the World

Hello Everyone,

For the past 50 years the UAE🇦🇪 has been thriving and excelling at giving the opportunity for local population & foreigners to take part in the building of the country’s legacy.

As the UAE has reached its Golden Jubilee🌟🏆, we are witnessing UAE as being the ultimate location for novelty, artistry, innovation & best practices across multiple fields. UAE is today one of the leading space in the MENA region for Arts looking at welcoming even more knowledge, wealth and authenticity.

In that regard UAE has been✅ granting the possibility for several categories of contributors to benefit from a Golden visa giving them the chance to become even more part of UAE’s identity.

As a Creative I am feeling blessed today to announce that after over a decade being a UAE resident & wearing multiple hats I have been granted the Golden Visa, and in my category the first cultural visa in the world for Artists.

Peace Love & Colours!



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