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#OsheqLoves Wafa El Hilali - Our Curated Artist of the month for July

What is your Name, where are you from and when were you born?

Hi, I'm Wafa El Hilali, I'm French-Moroccan and I was born in France in 1982.

Tell us something about yourself that you would like our audience to know.

I love colours - they are for me a real source of energy!

What is the type/ form/ style of artwork you focus on?

I mainly use acrylic to produce contemporary abstract artworks and I constantly explore new media and techniques.

Describe your creative process?

The creative process is always very special. I really need to be inspired or feel an impulse in order to start creating - no sketches nothing.

It is very often an initial thought, a feeling, an emotion that starts translating into the canvas - and layers after layers, colours start mixing, shapes start emerging and a story is being told…but I often think that my creating process starts in my subconscious, therefore, I can often be surprised by the results.

To find out more click on the picture above or go to

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