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Meet with My Abstraction

Abstraction from the Latin word abstrahere, abstractus – literally meaning to draw away, to take away from or to separate.

The term “abstract” as opposed to “concrete” is often referred to as an idea, a concept therefore an element that does not have a physical or concrete existence in space. As for the “abstract art” also called, inter alia, “non-figurative art” or “non-representational art” has been partially considered as an art that is deprived from a relationship to reality as well as the visible and physical world. Other than the fact that “abstraction” can lead to reality I would like to think that “abstraction” is also part of “reality” and to some extent is “reality”.

“Abstract art” is part of “what is” despite it taking its source into the invisible world. Invisible and visible are spheres that exist and coexist. What is a vision or a hope for you and me, what is a memory, if not an honest travel through time of what once was or as a matter of fact, of what is here already for those who believe.

I have been thinking for some time to blog more details about my artistic approach and shed more light on my work for people to see, hear and feel what I seek to create as an artist. I know that it can often be challenging for “the observer” to understand “the artist” and connect with his/her creations and even more so when the ‘artist” is constantly evolving and coming up with interrogations. Why? What? Where? How? Really? What now? And? And now here I am hoping that somehow you will relate to my words that express what inhabit my art pieces.

If some of you have been following me on Instagram or Facebook, you might have seen that each post was often accompanied by a line or two of thoughts, reflections or by few lines of poetry. They are pure expression of a moment in time, an inspiration, an impression, an awareness, a feeling, a belief, a reality. Some people might think that an artwork could be self-sufficient and independent. I will not argue this statement however when combining “words”, “sentences”, “poetry” I aspire to create a new language that matter and that will speak for itself and for others. That is my personal way of making “abstract art”.

“Abstract Art” is to me the perfect, most faithful, timeless and unlimited freedom of expression. I allow “Space” to welcome my perception of the four elements of life “Earth, Water, Air and Fire” to transcend into my creations and take you back to the essence of life. I strive to capture and celebrate memories and true feelings of the past, the present and the future: an absolute fusion between the multiple manifestations of life.

I never meant in my young age to create meaningful artworks or drawings. All that I could see were entangled black pencilled lines taking unconventional forms. But I have always had the inner conviction that each drawing was hiding a secret, a story, an enigma. I understand today that the combination of each brushstroke, color or shape is creating a perfect formula, the formula of an unknown field making gradually the invisible visible again.

Through my work indeed I attempt to make the invisible visible giving a chance to the mind to step up and have his way. My artworks claim to be a pure translation of what is, of what exists in the moment, of what is hidden. Shade, lights and spontaneous movements creating freely a universal language, the language of my own art. I share stories and lessons of a lifetime, I share feelings and emotions, I share my own observations of existence. I share hopes and wishes. I share highs and lows, whys and wows. I care enough to want to share it with the world retranslating it all on canvas. I let the brush be an honest extension of my inner being, hoping that somehow my art will resonate with thousands of hearts and souls. I once wrote:

“The invisible”

A Feeling a Brush and Colors

And Here the Invisible becomes Visible

Sharing In and Out Life in all Shapes and Forms

An Honest Story a Reality

A Witness of what is

Welcome on board and Travel through Time

My Art my Reality

So, let’s continue to celebrate the beautiful complexity of life and bring more enlightenment for people to see.

To be continued…

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