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Meet with "Fronteras"!

Introducing you “Fronteras” an abstract acrylic painting (81 x 102cm) created in November 2017. “Fronteras”, Spanish word for “Frontiers”, a word or a thematic that has become so fundamental and equally so trivial. Frontiers, الحدود, Frontières, 边界, Fronteras, सीमाओं, whatever the language we use the questions that remain are: where do frontiers start? Where do we stand? Between the rocks and yellow sand? Are they fences or offenses? Do we share the ground, the atmosphere? Do we draw lines just to be fair?

A drawing, a map, a planisphere? An idea, a gap, a wish to share?

And whilst we witness fights over lands, whilst borders are turning into double-edged swords and the concept of territory is getting close to abstraction, the wind is still there blowing from one side or another allowing us to dance around, settle in or weave in and out of paths and forests, deserts and streets, cities and countries.

“Fronteras” is to show that we live in a world where the paths of millions of people cross each day. All as one. Entangled. And destiny pushes us to be where we are. The Earth is wide and welcoming. Where is home for you? And what is home? A place to live? A shelter? Your native place. I believe that the Earth is a home for all and forever generous. This painting thrives to celebrate the diversity and the abundance. Strata of colors. Strata of stories. Desiderata, communities and piled up memories.

“Fronteras” is an attempt to capture that hope and glimpse of happiness that we all wish to share. We get lost in a maze of wonders. We want to find our way in and our way out. Do we want to live in a world where we are obsessed with the concept of limitations? Do we want to constantly have unjustified boundaries or limits we don’t cross? What is to go too far? What is to be too close? I agree with the concept of sharing where each one should have his piece. I understand the need to implement sustainable frameworks and rules to avoid going beyond the lines of insanity and brutality. But who set the rules? No one? Everyone?

I am one of those big believers that life lies in movement and so nomads that we are, we were designed to freely be and live through motion. One blink, one smile, one look, one step and here we have a body expressing itself within space. One memory, one thought, one dream, one vision and your consciousness also start shifting from left to right.

And what if beyond borders and through motion there was a new neighbour or a new tree, a new wall, a new sea, a new sky a new leaf, a new you, a new me, a new life, a new key. Let’s be free to open and walk through those doors. They hide promising horizons. Utopia? Your call. Mine says peace, love and colours.

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