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"Time Swims" en poésie!

Hello Art Lover,

Introducing you "Time Swims", an artwork created in 2015.

Medium: Acrylic on canvas

Size: 60 x 90cm

Current Location: Newly open American Rag Cie Store in Dubai Mall, Dubai.

This artwork was exhibited for the first time at Gallery 76, Jumeirah, Dubai in September 2015 during my first solo exhibition entitled "Underwater".

Time flies for some and time swims for others because Time goes with the flow of life and here few words of wisdom to share before the New Year comes and take us to another Time, to another Us.

Time swims

Time is space, time travels miles Time's on a race, time’s all sometimes Time swims fast and breathes the rhymes And time does last, when time sublimes

Time has time to reveal the truth To see through shells, embrace the youth Time ignores details and lies Time exposes or in disguise

Time stays still when in water

Time is real when time matters

Transparent and limitless

Time is silent, more time is less

Time answers when one asks why Time's wonders spread in the sky And what time seeks, does not deny Time is quick, time after time

Time stops by to say hello

And time swims high, riding solo

Time follows rivers and streams

Time and flows, no time in dreams

When at night, the moon is bright Time is wisdom, revives the sight In the morning, time brings the light

For another day, for another right.

by Wafa El Hilali

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