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Meet with My Abstraction - Episode 1

Hello Creative Minds,

Happy to be launching new series of "Meet with My Abstraction" with you. I am going to be talking and walking you through My Art Creations, their Meanings, their hidden Secrets (not always ;)), what Inspired me and what inspires me overall when creating Art and much more. And I will share all the Learnings & Lessons of life that my pieces hold within them hoping that those teachings will empower you to keep creating your best life.

Today we are exploring "Vue sur la mer" (Sea View), 75cm x 100cm. An originally acrylic created painting. Now only available as a Limited Print Edition.

DESCRIPTION:"Vue sur la Mer": Here watch and discover windows of opportunities, infinite possibilities that await you.Standing still like rocks you are looking at the horizon with an optimistic eye because the horizon is so close and full of amazing stories awaiting to unfold.

If you are interested to view/discuss/acquire one of the remaining Limited Print Editions please reach out by email or through the contact form on this website.

Peace, Love & Colors!

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